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(2009) 18 LC 9.5.5  

Algoa Bus company sued SATAWU, TARGWU and their members for losses sustained during an unprotected strike.

Algoa claimed R465 000 as a result of losses sustained due to it not being able to transport some 60 000 people. It justified the amount by claiming that the strike had lasted for two days and should therefore include all earnings and expenses that would normally have been incurred.

The Labour Court found in favour of Algoa but stated that the strike had not lasted as long as Algoa claimed. The court found that the strike was for nine hours on the one day and seven hours on the next. The court also rejected the claim of R465 000 and awarded instead damages of only R100 000. The court also decided that the respondents could repay the amount in instalments of R50 per month…